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5 easy scarf hairstyle for beginners
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5 easy scarf hairstyle for beginners

Hair scarf is a timeless fashion accessory! Audrey Hepburn’s scarf styles have been an everlasting classic that will always be close to our hearts. Not only do they add a fun twist to your look, but wearing a hair scarf is surprisingly easy for a variety of hairdos. Even when you have a bad hair day, a hair scarf can help turn it into a good one.

There are tons of different hair looks you can achieve with just one scarf, from a simple pony tie to a more intricate woven style. Here we have gathered together 5 easy ways to wear a hair scarf for you to begin with.

1. Ponytail tie

Let’s start with the easiest - the classic ponytail tie. Simply style your hair into a ponytail. Roll your scarf into a long band, here you can do it horizontally or diagonally for different lengths and ends. Then tie your rolled scarf around the ponytail base and let the ends hang down.

2. Bun swirl

This lovely scarf bun is absolutely in trend. When you feel like throwing your hair up in a messy top knot or bun, adding a scarf will certainly make it look cuter. Simply wrap the scarf around your bun to the point when you are happy with the tail length, and then tie it with the knot in the back.

3. Twisted headband

Twisted headband is a super simple style to get your beach-ready look in no time. Wrap the scarf from the back of your head and tie the ends in a knot in the front. Leave the ends to stick out to resemble a bow or tuck them underneath to finish off the look. Now you are ready to go.

4. Bandanna style

Having a bad hair day? Grab a hair scarf and rock a bandanna to save your day. All you have to do is fold a square scarf in half diagonally to form a large triangle. Wrap it around the head, tie the two side ends at the back under the hair, and leave the third end to hang.

5. Scarf braid

How beautiful this scarfed braid looks! This chic hairstyle not only increases the volume of your braid but also adds a little oomph to turn heads. To achieve that, there are multiple ways you can find. Here we’ll stick to the easiest. Tie a scarf around your ponytail and divide all your hair into 3 sections. Now join each side of the scarf with the two outer hair sections and start braiding. To finish off, simply tie the scarf ends into a bow or double knot at the bottom of the braid. There you have it!

It’s time to give yourself a makeover and try them all out! Don’t have a scarf yet? Find your favourites here.




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