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Why choose silk scrunchies for your hair?
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Why choose silk scrunchies for your hair?

Hair scrunchies are great accessories for everyday use. They can make a statement of your hairstyle, as well as spruce up your outfit. However, when you wear hair scrunchies, it affects the health of your hair too. Using the wrong type of hair ties can cause hair frizz, tangles, split ends, and other serious hair damage. It’s important that you take good care of your hair with everyday hair accessories choices including scrunchies. Read on to find out how silk scrunchies can benefit your hair and why it’s worth investing in.

1. Silk scrunchies are smooth & gentle

Traditional hair ties can be harsh as they snag and tug at your hair. Think about the last time you took out a hair tie from your ponytail, only to find tons of hairs being pulled out and stuck to the elastics. Not only does it damage your hair but can be even painful! This gets worse if you have dry and brittle hair.

Silk, on the other hand, is an all-natural protein fibre with an impeccably soft and smooth texture. Because of this, silk scrunchies are super easy to wear and remove for all hair types, including straight hair, curly hair, thick hair and fine hair. It allows scrunchies to gently slide over your hair without causing any friction. And when you take them out, they don’t pull like hair ties do, leaving your hair frizz-free and damage-free. For girls with extensions, silk’s non-friction properties are also significantly beneficial to make your hair extensions last longer.

2. Silk scrunchies cause less tension & dent

Hair dent is a common result you may get from using elastic hair ties. When this happens, we know how frustrating it can be. All the effort you made to straighten or curl your hair goes to waste as those awkward dents ruin your look when you put your hair down. Silk scrunchies, however, place less tension on your delicate hair and protect your hair from dents, creases and kinks with its exquisite softness, even after prolonged wear. Your hairstyle will look beautiful at all times. Less tension also means less pulling on your scalp, avoiding unnecessary hair loss or scalp damage.

3. Silk scrunchies keep your hair moisturised

When we talked about silk pillowcases, we explained how silk fabric can keep hair hydrated and make them look healthy and shiny. The same goes for silk scrunchies, as they lock the moisture in your hair rather than drawing moisture out as cotton does. The unique moisture-retaining properties of silk fabric also make silk scrunchies a particularly wonderful choice for people with dry, bumpy hair caused by hair dehydration. Not limited to the daytime, wearing silk scrunchies during sleep is a great idea too, providing your hair with continued protection and hydration around the clock. 

4. Silk scrunchies are exceptionally stylish

The luxuriously stylish look of silk scrunchies is just beyond words. Whether you are going to work, gym, a party, or out for a fun night, silk scrunchies will jazz up your outfit in no time. They are versatile, chic, and fun for various hairstyles for your best look - be it a ponytail, half-up half-down, messy bun, top knot, braid, and so much more.

Apart from making a hairstyle statement, you can also wear them as a bracelet! No other hair ties would look as good as silk scrunchies on your wrist :)




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