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How silk pillowcases benefit a restful night’s sleep
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How silk pillowcases benefit a restful night’s sleep

We could all agree that sleep is undoubtedly essential to our health, as that’s when our body and mind rest and recover from the day. With a good quality sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, while a bad sleep can turn your next day into a nightmare.

When you come to think about it for a moment, we spend 8 hours a day, â…“ of our lives sleeping. The choice of the material that you choose to sleep on can really make a difference over the next years and decades. If you are going to invest in a good quality sleep, a silk pillowcase should come top of the list.

1. Silk pillowcase is breathable

Silk is a highly lightweight and breathable fabric due to its porous fibre structure. It allows air and moisture to pass through the fabric, so your skin can breathe as you sleep on a silk pillowcase, reducing the risk of blocked pores. Meanwhile, it also can speed up sweat evaporation to keep you cool and comfortable at night. Unlike polyester, which is made from solid plastic, traps airflow and reflects heat, causing overheating and sweating. 

2. Silk pillowcase is moisture wicking

If you are prone to sweat during the night, your silk pillowcase wicks away excessive moisture without getting damp and promotes the natural cooling process of your body. It then dries rapidly so the silk surface remains dry to the touch, with no sticky feel to your skin. As such, silk’s moisture wicking ability makes it a lifesaver for those who're experiencing hot flashes or night sweats.

Cotton, however, is plant-based fibre and best known for its absorbency. Instead of wicking moisture, it quickly absorbs sweat and gets damp. When this happens, cotton pillowcases stay wet, meaning they can be particularly uncomfortable to sleep on, and you may get even hotter as the cotton pillowcase loses its ability to absorb more sweat from your body.  

3. Silk pillowcase is temperature regulating

Fluctuating temperature, whether it be overheating or sweating, can be the main cause contributing to restless sleep. This may even mean you have to constantly turn and toss or flip to the cool side of your pillow over and over again to stay comfortable. If this is you, silk pillowcases can be the answer.

Being a breathable fabric, silk is a natural temperature regulator that helps your body maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night. In the hot humid summer, not only is silk naturally cooling, but it also vents excess heat and wicks moisture away to keep you cool. While in the winter, it acts as an insulator that slows down heat conductivity and preserves your body heat to maintain warmth. No more disturbance from fluctuating temperature at night.

4. Silk pillowcase is naturally hypoallergenic

Because of the protein structure, silk is one of the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. It’s naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites, mould, bacteria and other allergens. For this reason, silk pillowcases can be very kind to your skin without causing irritation or allergic reactions, which makes it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin too. Not surprisingly, dust mites are in fact among the most common allergy triggers in bedrooms. So, if you are an allergy sufferer, switching to a silk pillowcase may just change your life.

With silk pillowcase’s breathability, moisture wicking, temperature regulating and hypoallergenic properties, you are guaranteed a restful sleep all year round without any discomfort that you may experience when sleeping on cotton or polyester pillowcases.




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